Ether Drifting: The Center Cannot Hold

Ether Drifting: The Center Cannot Hold

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time.


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Entropy - lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.


Quick statement of purpose: I spend far too much time trying to find a perfect way to 1) record the snippets of code | quotes | thoughts | konami-codes I come across on a daily basis & 2) put in order the events and sequences of my life & 3)flesh out fantasy worlds that float around in my hazey mind's eye.

This is my “definitive” method and effort to stop searching for my El Dorado of organization and to just fucking settle on something and begin. The only intended audience is me, myself, and anyone who wants to be bored.

And the other driving motivation is derived from the fact that I am closer to my date of death than I am to my birth. Through many selfish decisions across my time on Earth I have arrived at this date, 2022-10-18, with a seemingly unending addiction to methamphetamine coupled with 10+ years of living with HIV.

When I die, I want something to remain behind that carries some truth of my inner world and radiates my voice and point of view. This wiki is a clumsy attempt at building my digital-homunculus to broadcast into the nether.

Tuesday NeXT

The construct Tuesday NeXT is the reality of my sub consciousness where most of my art and digital tinkerings reside. It is only 1.5 dimensional shifts away, and gladly welcomes new opponents.